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Handle Mold

How Does a Professional Handle Mold and Moisture Problems?

Excess water and moisture in basements can come from a variety of sources such as cracks in the foundation, improper ventilation, leaks or floods. In basements with moisture issues, mold growth, which is often characterised by black or green spots on your basement walls, flooring, or furnishings, can be a concern. Mold is harmful and can cause many health problems like asthma, various infections, cough, rashes, congestion, and allergies. While…

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transform basement space

How to Make Your Basement More Livable?

Most homeowners use their basement space for storing unwanted or extra objects and belongings. This is a huge waste of property and additional space. You can consider upgrading your basement to transform and make it more functional and livable. Making your dark and unfinished basement livable is a good way to add to your home’s living space. Here are some ways you can transform the basement space. Decide the Purpose…

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