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Do You Have The Right Basement Layout?

For most homeowners in Edmonton, the basement is the most ignored part of the house. It’s probably equivalent to a dungeon in a castle, only to be used when you have to store something unwanted. And it’s easy to understand why.

BUT! If you are redesigning or renovating your basement, then you want a basement floor plan that gives you more utility and make it more than just a place to store unwanted things. Professional construction builders in Edmonton can help you reach your idea of the ideal basement.

Pick a Purpose

Before crafting any basement layout plan, you need to consider what you want to turn your basement into. There so many options to choose from:

  • Man Cave

  • Theater Room

  • Hobby Workshop

  • Indoor sports room

  • Guest Room

Once you decide what you want to turn your basement into, we can actually make the basement layout. This is a key element to know whether or not you have the right basement layout.

Factor in Your Home 

Your basement is not a standalone room. It connects with your home and that means you have to factor in the basement stairs, chimney, garage and other elements. For example, if the basement stairs are in the west, then your car driveway will come on the east and the chimney will also go to the east. However, your fireplace might also be in the east. When developing a basement layout plan, expect such conflicts.

You will find that we’re quite adept at taking into consideration such structural conflicts.

Plumbing Pipes

While plumbing pipes are expertly hidden in the main house, they might be exposed in your basement. This is only a problem if you’re converting your basement into a guest room, theater room, man cave or something similar. In such cases, you want your basement to look presentable and not have an exposed plumbing system. A good basement floor plan will use smart, yet simple tactics to hide the plumbing pipes from view.  For example, if your home has floor trusses, the plumbing pipes can run through the web of trusses.

Heating and Cooling Ducts

Homes that are built with floor joists have HVAC ducts, which in turn, have a major impact on the basement layout. It can affect your basement’s headroom, reducing space by as much as a foot. This could be an issue. Furthermore, your HVAC ducts can even affect your windows and they may need to be relocated.

The right basement layout always takes this into account.

Arrangement and Placement 

Finally, you have arrangement and placement. Depending on what you want to turn your basement into, arrangement and placement are critical. Even if you wish to turn your basement into a storeroom, the correct arrangement and placement can ensure maximum storage capacity.

All the above pointers will help you assess whether you have the right basement layout. But it’s so much better to have a professional by your side to check if your basement floor plan is right. Each home and basement are quite nuanced and you will have your own personal requirement, so reaching out to Burton Quality Builders makes sense.

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