Burton Quality Builders versus the guys who always leave you disappointed

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Burton Quality Builders

Manual, paper-based estimating process that makes changes and updates difficult and time consuming.

Easy Estimating, the one-of-a-kind two-step process that gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing exactly what you are getting.

Offers a low-ball estimate to get your business, knowing there is a good chance they can never meet that price.

Offers a fair price for the work that will be delivered, plus you may receive a credit to ensure the price you see is the price you pay.

Blueprints are incomplete and often are not even shown to you before signing, which usually leads to errors causing big problems and delays later in the job.

Detailed drawings and attachments are supplied before you sign, including all work that will be delivered.  No surprises.  No hidden costs.

Poorly worded and vague contract does not make the builder legally responsible to deliver the promised services. 

Legally binding and complete contract.

No liability insurance.

Liability insurance.

Poor performance by sub trades because they are not paid on time putting your home at risk of liens.

Sub trades perform beyond your expectations because they are paid on time and treated with respect.

Some or all required permits are not obtained (to cut costs), which can lead to significant legal issues after construction is complete.

All required permits are obtained.

Project does not start on time.

Project starts on time.

Little or no supervision of sub trades.

Regular supervision of sub trades to ensure project is proceeding as promised and quality standards are being met.

Slow response when you make requests for information, such as progress updates.

Prompt response by our employees whenever you have questions.

Contract finishes late.

Contract finishes on time.  Custom orders subject to delivery by supplier.

Final bill higher than estimate.

Final bill consistent with estimate.

Requests to repair flawed construction are ignored.

Customer inquiries are answered promptly.

Finished work does not pass inspection, leading to legal problems.

Finished work passes inspection because all work is done to code.  

Need to hire a construction company for a basement or garage project? Choose Burton Quality Builders and you will get industry leading quality and equally impressive savings.

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Designed to Impress. Built to Last.

Burton Quality Builders
versus the guys who always leave
you disappointed

See a head-to-head comparison of how Burton Quality Builders, an Edmonton construction company specializing in basements and garages, compares with builders who don't place the same priority on providing quality construction services with no hidden costs.

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