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Why Should You Have More Than Parking Space in Your Garage?

Most garages are designed to provide parking space and to store outdoor accessories. However, homeowners these days prefer having extra space in their garage for various reasons. Find out why you, too, must plan to have more than parking space in your garage.

To Store Garage Essentials

A garage is not only meant for parking your vehicles inside but also for storing garage essentials such as a shop vac, winter tires, vehicle tools and equipment, sports equipment, garden tools, synthetic Christmas tree and decorations and so on. Extra space that allows for shelves and cabinets is essential and the addition of storage trusses is an affordable option for extra storage overhead.

To Park More Vehicles

Have you ever thought of buying more vehicles in the future? If yes, do you have enough space in your garage? If you have a young family, the number of vehicles parking in your garage could increase. You likely do not want to rebuild or renovate your garage in ten years when you may need the extra space which is why it is smart to consider your future garage needs when designing your garage.

To Host Events

Your large parking space can be designed to accommodate large gatherings of people. Instead of renting a space somewhere else, you can convert your garage into the venue. With a bit of TLC and a tasteful eye, your garage can fit any theme and wow even the harshest critic.
You can host various celebrations like food or wine tasting events, wedding receptions, indoor parties and indoor games. Worried about where your teens are at night? Your new garage could be designed to be a cool yet safe place for your teenagers to entertain.

To Pursue Your Hobbies

In the future, you can convert this outdoor space into something else completely. You can convert your parking space into a gym for yourself or a play space for your children. You could also set-up your office, small-scale business, or production unit inside the garage area.

To Live In

You can park your vehicle and live in the garage at the same time. How so? You build a garage suite. A garage suite is essentially building another floor on top of the garage. This is additional space that you can use or perhaps even rent out. The city of Edmonton has many requirements for legal garage suites and it is essential that each requirement be followed, particularly if you wish to use this space as a legal rental unit. While the initial investment into your garage suite may seem great, renting the space will help you offset the cost. The Edmonton Journal recently posted an article on garage suites .
There is so much more you can do with your garage. Garage design ideas are many; all that you need is creativity and a quality garage builder to make the most of your parking space. If you require assistance, our team from Burton Quality Builders can help you design and construct your garage in the manner you want.

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