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How to Make Your Basement More Livable?

Most homeowners use their basement space for storing unwanted or extra objects and belongings. This is a huge waste of property and additional space. You can consider upgrading your basement to transform and make it more functional and livable. Making your dark and unfinished basement livable is a good way to add to your home’s living space. Here are some ways you can transform the basement space.

Decide the Purpose

Before you embark on any modifications to your basement, first assess the utility aspect. Will the basement be used as a guest room? Perhaps your kids are now teens and you want to create a space they can use with a media and/or games room.
Think about the design and utility aspect of your basement. If you have a hard time assessing how the purpose of your basement will impact its design, no worries. You can speak to Burton Quality Builders to get the right guidance, direction, and assistance for constructing your basement to make it more livable. We can help you create the perfect basement while maintaining your requirements.

Fix the Moisture and Smell

Moisture is the enemy of your basement. Excessive moisture can lead to fungus, mold, and mildew growth on the walls, ceiling, and furniture in the basement. These growths can lead to various respiratory and skin problems. The moisture also gives rise to a musty and irritating smell. Excessive moisture will eventually damage your newly constructed basement so be sure to speak with your builder to have this addressed professionally before construction begins.

Insulate the Basement

Insulating in a basement is one of the most important aspects in developing a basement. You can have the most beautiful basement product but if it isn’t warm in the winter, no one will want to spend time down there. In every basement development we make sure the walls have the proper R-Values, all the joist spacing is completed properly and there is a proper 6 mm vapour barrier to ensure your basement can keep the elements out and the heat in. The key point here is, save money by having insulation done properly by using less energy because a properly sealed basement retains heat and stops wind and drafts from entering your basement. Don’t forget to consider Safe’n’Sound insulation to dampen noise.

Install Windows

There is nothing like having a window in your basement to improve its habitability. One of the biggest problems of living in the basement is the stale air. This is further complicated by the fact that stale air is heavy and tends to settle at the bottom of the house.
Having a window that allows natural light and fresh air to enter the room can enhance living conditions and improve a person’s health.
An obvious question is – how can a window be installed in a basement? Well, an egress window is made just for that purpose.

Install Windows

There are many requirements from the city when adding an egress window to your home. Sizes of the window and window well need to meet codes and regulations. With the new regulations that came out Fall 2016, it brought new requirements for egress windows and any home built before Fall 2016 will need window modifications to meet these new standards and codes.

Have more Storage

More space for storage is always great especially considering that you are not using the basement for storage. You can utilize unfinished spaces such as under the stairs or the mechanical room to store items out of the way of your newly constructed space. If you require more storage space, an additional storage room can be incorporated into the basement design.

Upgrade the Flooring 

The hard concrete floor in most basements makes walking uncomfortable and cold but adding a Super Seal sub floor provides comfort and moisture protection. There are many flooring options to suit every purpose that are great for basements. No longer are Berber carpet and lino your only options. Did you know that engineered hard wood flooring is a suitable option for basements? From luxurious cut and loop carpet to vinyl plank, your options are almost endless.

Functionality and Lighting

Having a well-designed, useful space is very beneficial when designing a basement floor plan. Having a huge open space is great but having to constantly run upstairs to use a washroom is inconvenient. Having two small bedrooms, a bathroom, a laundry room and a media room in 500 sq ft may give the basement a cramped feel. But if you are a growing family and this is what is needed, proper and aqueduct lighting can help create a different feel by perhaps enlarging window openings to allow more natural light in. When designing your basement floor plan, keep this in mind and remember that the professionals at Burton Quality Builders can help you with this.

Call our  professional basement builders  to help you plan and revamp your basement to make it more useful and appealing. There’s a lot more that can be done to make your basement the perfect living space. Feel free to contact us, as our professionals are full of ideas and expertise to construct the dream basement you’ve always wanted.

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