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How Does a Professional Handle Mold and Moisture Problems?

Excess water and moisture in basements can come from a variety of sources such as cracks in the foundation, improper ventilation, leaks or floods. In basements with moisture issues, mold growth, which is often characterised by black or green spots on your basement walls, flooring, or furnishings, can be a concern. Mold is harmful and can cause many health problems like asthma, various infections, cough, rashes, congestion, and allergies. While there are many home remedies for mold removal, it is best to consult with a professional mold removal specialist rather than attempting removal yourself. While some home remedies may appear effective, you have no guarantee that all the mold has been removed. If some spores are left behind, the mold can regrow and this can be especially problematic (and costly) when it occurs in your newly constructed basement. Further, proper care needs to be taken when removing mold and oftentimes, scrubbing the mold can release the mold spores into the air causing the mold to spread throughout your home.

How a Professional Basement Builder will address Basement Mold and/or Moisture Issues?

Once your basement is renovated, you do not want to worry about mold. Some of the steps a knowledgeable basement builder will take include:

  • Speak with you to ensure you understand that any mold and leaks, cracks or other such problems that are letting in water are considered pre-existing defects and need to be fixed before construction begins
  • Formulate a plan that is cost-effective to fix these problems
  • Bring in a mold removal specialist to inspect any areas of concern and remove the mold
  • Fix any leaks/cracks or other areas where moisture is getting in
  • Properly install HVAC systems to keep air moving in your new basement
  • May suggest installing a Superseal Subfloor under your flooring choice to help ventilate and provide air movement under the flooring if excess moisture is a concern

Mold and moisture issues in your basement can seem scary but when you hire Burton Quality Builders, you can rest easy knowing that the pre-existing moisture and mold problems are taken care of professionally keeping you and your family healthy and the integrity of your new basement intact.

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