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Yes, I want to save up to $1000 on the construction of my new detached garage:

You likely already know that adding a detached garage to your property can instantly add value to your property. Of course, parking your car in a garage is preferable to leaving it outside in the elements all winter. But the benefits of investing in a garage go beyond increased real estate value and keeping your vehicle out of the elements.

Prices for a detached garage start from $12,500 for a standard detached garage and start from $90,000 for a detached garage with a legal suite. “Building detached garages with or without a legal suite is our specialty,” says Dan Burton, one of the co-founders of Burton Quality Builders.  “That’s just one of many reasons why we are a better choice than a general construction contractor.”

A garage is more than a parking spot

Before you call a garage builder, consider the many ways you can get extra use out of your new garage:

  • Create a legal suite above the garage
  • With a few additional finishings, your garage could also become your “man cave”
  • Move your hobby to a place where pursuing that hobby will not bother others
  • Add storage space, particularly for items that you would prefer to not keep in the house
  • Garage construction approvals and permits

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Ready to get rid of that eye sore on your property? Call the detached garage construction experts.

Most garage building projects will fall into one of the following categories:

  • New building separate from your home
  • Replacement of existing garage structure
  • Conversion of a car port into an enclosed garage

City approval of the construction plan is mandatory, regardless of what you are planning.  You also need to ensure that your plan:

  • Meets all zoning requirements
  • Puts the building inside your property limits
  • Allows enough clearance between your garage structure and the utility lines going in to your home

There are many good reasons to add a bedroom or master suite to your garage. You may need the added living space. Or perhaps your husband wants to create the ultimate "man cave". Yet another motivation may be the desire to create a rental space that will generate revenue.

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