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Garage Building Permit – City of Edmonton

When you hire a builder to construct your garage, be sure you discuss who is responsible for obtaining the permits and calling for inspections. A reputable garage builder will make sure each permit is pulled and every inspection is called and passed. Ensure your contract clearly states who is in charge of this task as this can save you a lot of legal trouble, liability and/or fines. Benefits of acquiring garage building permits and inspections are:

  • Your garage will be built in compliance with the Alberta Building Code
  • Inspections ensure that each trade has completed their work in accordance with the law
  • You can rest easy knowing that your garage is completely legal

In this blog post, we have summarised the various permits required for building detached garages.

Development Permit

A development permit is the most important permit that you need before constructing your garage. This permit describes your property location, the size of the construction, and its purpose. The permit is required when you plan to build any new building or structure on your property like a garage, suite, outhouse, home deck, etc. This permit is the city of Edmonton giving you permission to place your garage in the specified location. This permit can take up to 2 weeks to be approved depending on the volume of construction work being completed at that time of year. This permit must be obtained before construction begins.

Building Permit

A building permit is a permit of your plan, approved by certified inspectors or officers. This permit regulates the design and construction of your garage. This permit is the city of Edmonton approving the design of your garage. This permit can take up to 2 weeks to be approved but it is necessary to have this permit in hand before construction begins.

Mechanical Permits

These permits include the electrical permit, gas permit and plumbing permit. These permits are usually pulled by the journeyman trades person completing the work.


Inspections are required at various stages throughout the construction process. These inspections are made by certified city officials who look to ensure the work that has been completed at that stage is in compliance with the Alberta Building Code and all other city regulations and requirements. These inspections must be booked in advance and depending on the volume of construction being completed in the city, wait times for these inspections can vary.

A reputable garage builder will place as much emphasis on pulling permits and calling for inspections as they do on the actual construction work. With Burton Quality Builders, you can rest easy knowing that we will ensure your new garage is completely legal and in full compliance with the city of Edmonton’s requirements and regulations for new detached garages.

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