Time to use all that unused space in your basement? Thinking of building a basement apartment?

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Yes, I want to save up to $1500 on my basement construction project:

Edmonton basement renovations could add a lot of living space to your home.   For example, if you live in a two-storey home, refinishing your basement could give you about 30% more living space and that number jumps up to about 40% if you have a one-storey home.

But don’t move forward until you have given some serious thought to how you will use all that new space. Most people will finish a basement for one or more of the following reasons:

  • The existing home is too small to comfortably accommodate the existing occupants
  • Children who just returned from university need a place to live until they find a job and can support themselves
  • Generate revenue by constructing a basement apartment
  • Add home offices
  • Create space for a hobby, “man cave”, or entertainment centre
  • Create a space where a guest can sleep and shower without invading your privacy

“You really need to think out what you want,” says Daniel Burton, a co-founder of Burton Quality Builders.   “Are you building a room for personal use and to add equity to your property or are you building an apartment to generate rental income? You benefit both ways, but a property designed for personal use will be very different than one that is designed to generate rental income.”

Yet another consideration is the existing condition of your basement.   For example, you may have the occasional leak that is tolerable because it does not cause any damage.  However, in a finished basement, that same leak could cause significant damage.  “Any flaws in your basement, such as water leaks, need to be mentioned to your builder before any work starts,” says Mr. Burton.   “There will be a cost to fix the problem, but it will be far less than what you have to pay to get that work done after your refinishing project is complete.”

Hiring Burton Quality Builders means your project will be handled by a company that is ready, willing and able to handle the special challenges that come up in even "routine" basement refinishing projects.

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