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How does Adding a Detached Garage Add Value to Your Property?

Generally, there are three types of garages: attached garage, detached garage, and detached garage with above suites. Attached garages are the ones attached to your house whereas detached garages are separate constructions that are away from the main building of your house. A garage legal suite is a two-story detached garage with the second level designed to incorporate a legal suite/apartment.

There are a great number of benefits of detached garages. They not only protect your vehicle from harsh weather conditions, but also allow you to store tools and accessories. Additionally, a detached garage can provide privacy. You convert it into an office or a jam studio, for example. Another major benefit of a detached garage is that it drastically increases the value of your property as it smartly uses the extra space on your property.

Are you planning to add a garage to your home? Find out how you can smartly increase the value of your house with a detached garage.

  1. There are various detached garage permits, laws, and rules in your city that have to be followed while building the garage. If the laws don’t allow you to construct your dream garage, there are many options and tweaks to your ideas that can be made to make it possible. Have a conversation with the Burton Quality Builder’s team; we can assess the legal aspects of what you’re hoping to build.
  2. Set a budget. Consider all the essential elements you want in your garage and plan a budget accordingly. Make sure all your plans fit in your budget. Once you reach out to us, we can help you create a budget. Our priority is to understand the vision for the detached garage and accordingly we will recommend an appropriate budget.
  3. Decide the area which you can devote to your detached garage. The number of vehicles and accessories you have will help you decide how much space you need. You can also consider including some storage space, cabinets, and shelves, as a garage that has storage space has more value.
  4. Make sure the size and style of your detached garage match the interior and exterior theme of the rest of your property. The elements like the roof, door, wall structure, color, etc. should match that of your house or be similar enough to not draw excess attention.
  5. Build your detached garage with a legal suite/apartment so that it can be customized into a living space for extra income in the future. This will be a major attracting factor for future buyers or investors.
  6. Insulate and ventilate the garage for comfortable working conditions. We have qualified HVAC subcontractors who ensure your garage has adequate air-flow.

While determining the value of your property, appraisers will consider several factors. If your property looks perfectly appealing and beautiful, you can expect better value earnings. All you have to do is reach out to Burton Quality Builder and we’ll begin planning your detached garage considering all your requirements. With the help of our Edmonton garage builders, start your garage building project today. We will help you plan your detached garage space easily and conveniently.

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