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Need to hire a construction company for a basement or garage project? Choose Burton Quality Builders and you will get industry leading quality and equally impressive savings, especially now that you can save up to $1500 on your dream basement renovation or $1000 on a single storey garage!

“A lot of construction companies will do almost anything to get your business, including lowering their price by compromising on quality and cutting corners,” explains Dan Burton, one of the co-founders of Burton Quality Builders. “We are laser focused on delivering quality work at a very attractive price. In addition, while some competing builders keep you in the dark about what is happening, we keep you fully informed of project progress from start to finish with our Easy Estimating App. Put simply, we are going to set an all-new standard for customer service in the building industry.”

“You will also appreciate that integrity and customer satisfaction are top priorities”, says Erika Burton, the other founder of the company. “Our goal is to set an all-new standard for customer satisfaction while never forgetting our commitment to operating with integrity and honesty.” That means you can expect fast response and complete transparency (no hidden costs) from start to finish.

Why settle for less? Call us today and you will quickly discover why every Burton Quality Builder project is designed to impress — and built to last.

You likely already know that adding a detached garage to your property instantly adds value to your property. And, of course, parking your car in a garage is preferable to leaving it outside. But the benefits of investing in a garage go beyond increased real estate value and keeping your vehicle out of the elements.

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See a head-to-head comparison of how Burton Quality Builders, an Edmonton construction company specializing in basements and garages, compares with builders who don't place the same priority on providing quality construction services with no hidden costs.

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