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7 Signs You Need to Redesign Your Garage

Sometimes, because of poor workmanship by the previous builder, years of being exposed to severe weather or severe neglect, a garage may need to be torn down and a new one rebuilt. But more often than not, you may want to build a new garage because your current garage design does not meet your needs. Burton Quality Builders can provide complete assistance to redesign your garage once you identify signs that indicate you may need a new garage.

Structural Defects

Broken or uneven walls, flooring or ceiling in the garage can be signs of the foundation shifting or settling. Bulging or leaning walls, gaps between the walls and the floor are also serious telltale signs of this kind of damage.

Insufficient Storage Space

Often garages are used for storing outdoor equipment such as bikes, a shop vac, tools and cleaning supplies. If you lack space in your garage for these items, your garage can quickly become so full you do not even have room to park your car! Building a bigger garage to accomodate theseitems may help but lot size and zoning requirements dictate size and you may not be able to build a garage big enough to suit your storage needs. Adding storage trusses to your new garage design is an affordable option that increases your storage space while not requiring a large lot size.

Lack of Parking Area

The main purpose of a garage is to park your vehicles. However, a growing family could mean more vehicles and if the size of your garage does not accommodate all your parking needs, a new garage may be in order.

Outdated Design

Times have changed–gone are the days with wooden overhead doors and mismatched exteriors. Modern detached garages are now built to match the pre-existing home as closely as possible from siding to lights to shingles. Overhead garage doors now come in a variety of styles and materials such as insulated doors with extra security features.


These are only a few reasons to consider building a new garage. You can reach out to Burton Quality Builders. We will be with you every step of the way, from planning to execution. With us, you will discover how to make your garage much more than just a parking space.

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